What Size Solar System Do I Need for My Home?

What Size Solar System Do I Need for My Home?

Are you on the lookout to discover, assess, and deploy environmentally viable options for your energy production and consumption needs? Or, are you planning to install solar systems on your home but are unable to do so owing to the overwhelming number of options one has for solar system Canberra? Whatever the case, the fact is today's interest in investing in solar system Canberra has increased by leaps and bounds. 

solar panel


But with the advent of demands, the number of suppliers has increased, which has further jeopardised the buyer with questions such as, how can installing a solar system in my home help me? Or from whom should I buy a solar system Canberra? 

Fret not; Kratos Energy is here! In today's guide, we deal with the most pressing question of what size solar system I need for my home and everything that helps you to get the most effective and efficient solar system Canberra. 

So, whether you're just starting to research what is solar system is or if you're ready to get quotes from installers, latch on because everything you need to know about choosing the perfect solar system Canberra is about to be revealed.

Factors to Consider Before Determining Solar System Size

1). Your Electricity Usage

The most crucial question you need to ask yourself before you determine the size of your solar system Canberra for your home is - what's my electricity usage? Understanding your power consumption needs helps tailor your solar system size precisely to your needs. It's like custom-fitting your solar solution for ultimate energy savings down under in Canberra, Australia. 

Electricity Usage

Take a look at your daily (if possible), quarterly, or annual electricity usage by checking your latest electricity bill and analysing your electricity usage. It can vary depending on a number of factors, including climate, weather, family size, age range, employment rate, and type of appliances, among others. For instance, a single person household will consume around 8-12kWh, while a household of five will consume around 35-50kWh per day. On average, a typical household in Canberra will consume around 15-20kWh per day.

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2). Solar Irradiance 

If you aren't aware of what solar irradiance is, it's the amount of sunlight your rooftop receives in a day. The higher the solar irradiance your home receives, the more efficiently the solar system can generate electricity.

sunlight on Solar panel

If you live in an area with high solar irradiance, you may be able to get away with a smaller solar system than someone who lives in an area with low solar irradiance. However, it's important to note that there are other factors to consider when determining the solar system size.

Also, if you need to find the solar irradiance for your locality, you can either check it up online or contact your local solar installer.

3). Shading 

In the land down under, which is blessed with sunshine throughout the year, rooftop shading can play a spoilsport in your solar journey. It's the true shady character that affects your solar system Canberra's efficiency and effectiveness.

Solar Panel

If your rooftop's solar irradiance is influenced by a number of external factors, such as shading due to taller trees or shrubs, taller buildings, the area's weather and climate, chimneys, or any other factor/s, it can influence your solar system's estimated output. 

Getting help from a reputed and credible solar system Canberra installer like Kratos Energy can help you assess the amount of shading on your rooftop and recommend the right solar system size for your home.

4). Roof Space 

Roof space is among the few key factors when considering solar system size. It determines how many solar panels you can install. So, before you opt to install a solar system on your home, it's necessary to decide how much roof space is available.

Solar size for roof

For instance, standard dimensions for solar panels for your home are around 1.7 mts * 1.00 mts, i.e., around 1.7 m2 for every panel that is installed. But if you have a studio home, you can accommodate a very limited number of solar PV systems. Here in Canberra, Australia, south-facing solar systems are generally found to be more effective than otherwise solar system Canberra.

5). Budget

Let's be honest: your budget is a pivotal factor in deciding the solar system Canberra or amping up your solar system size; it's a significant amount of investment. 

If you opt to buy a solar system from any leading, accredited solar system provider, there may be a higher upfront cost involved, but the long-term benefits a solar system Canberra offers are second to none. On the flip side, a cheaper solar system Canberra may seem like a feasible option at first, but it will not generate as much electricity as desired and may not save you as much money on your energy bills. 

Additionally, don't forget to consider the maintenance and support costs involved. So, before you set sail to buy a solar power Canberra, do your own math, and if you feel overwhelmed with the choices, connect with any credible solar supplier.

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6). Panel Efficiency

Lastly, before sizing your solar system, consider the efficiency of your panels. Although the lower alternative is cheaper in price, it cannot utilise as much sunlight compared to the more efficient option. 

Solar Efficiency

Low efficient solar panels cannot withstand extreme heat, lose their efficiency as they age, and need more solar panels to generate the desired amount of electricity. With a higher efficient rating, solar panels can generate more power in less space, optimising your solar potential. There are now solar system Canberra available with efficiencies of up to 22%*.

* Panel efficiency is measured in terms of percentage, i.e., for example, if a panel has an efficiency of 20%, it means that the solar panel converts 20% of the sunlight that hits it into electricity.

How do I Calculate the Solar System Size for My Home in Canberra? 

Above, we presented the critical factors in determining the right solar system size, but you may still feel unclear and unsure about what size solar system do I need to buy and how to calculate the right solar system size for your home. 

To calculate the size of your solar system, you can use a solar calculator. There are many solar calculators available online, which can be helpful in deciding what solar system size you must choose. But as the saying goes, "Two heads are better than one!" Here are some of the tips to follow to get to the find the right size -

1). Know the difference between kW and kWh. 

2). Grab your electricity bill for the past 12 months and calculate your average usage to know how many kWh you use in a month.

3). Connect with any credible solar installer to find out the solar irradiance in Canberra. Approximately, it is 4.3kWh

4). Find out the solar system efficiency. This will help you get a vague idea to help you decide your solar system size.

For example, if your annual electricity usage is 10,000 kWh, the solar irradiance in your area is 5 kWh/m2, and the efficiency of your solar panels is 20%, then you will need a 50 kW solar system. 

Please note this is a rough-and-ready approach and should not be used as a standalone check to determine what solar system size is apt for your home.

That being said, it's recommended to oversize your solar system Canberra, as any electricity generated will then be exported to the grid, and you'll be paid for it via the feed-in tariff. But you might be concerned that a more extensive solar system Canberra can be expensive or might set you back financially, but the environmental and economic benefits you'll reap in the long run are unparalleled.  


In the sun-kissed land of Australia, finding the right solar system can be your first step towards sustainability and a greener future. We hope that in today's guide, you're able to find the right solar system Canberra for your home. Remember, with the sun as your ally, you'll not only reduce your carbon footprint but also your energy bills.

Are you still feeling unsure about what size solar system do I need to buy? It's best to get a quote from a solar installer. As a credible and accredited solar installer, Kratos Energy will help you assess your needs and recommend the right solar system size for your home.


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