PayGo Solution Online Operation Mode

User introduction to Pay-Go online operation mode

  1. The user only needs to pay the deposit to the dealer to obtain the right to use the Pay-go product (30 days of use), and the remaining balance is paid in instalments. After the balance is paid, the user can use the product for free for life.
  2. After deposit, rest balance can be paid in next 12month, solar device unlock for 30 days after deposit, after 30 days, users need to pay another instalment for 30 days, until clear the loan debt.
  3. Payment can be done by mobile payment.

Example: PayGo product price is $1000, deposit paid by customer is $600, rest of $400 is paid to next 12 month. Each month users pay $33.3 to the dealer.

Attention for dealers

  1. The dealer must sign a contract with the user when purchasing the Pay-Go product to ensure the interests of both.
  2. Pay - Go software is provided by Kratos Energy to dealers. 
  3. When users paid, dealer enters users information to Pay-Go software, and then generates a token to unlock solar device for use.


  • Operation server
  • Integrate to MMO
  • Integrate to MNO


  • Atomically process
  • Money management security
  • Manage huge user volumes


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