6kW & 6.6kW Solar System: Cost, Power Output & ROI

6kW & 6.6kW Solar System: Cost, Power Output & ROI

Are you looking for a cost-effective way to reduce your energy bills and your carbon footprint? If so, a 6kW solar system or 6.6kW solar system may be the perfect solution for your varying needs.

In a country where the sun lights up the land year-round, the 6kW solar system or 6.6kW solar system is taking center stage.

The 6.6kW solar system is becoming an instant hit amongst busy residents of Canberra, ACT, owing to a number of conducive factors. They're affordable, efficient, and can generate enough electricity to be passed over to the grid system.

6.6kw solar system

But there Are many misconceptions regarding the 6.6kW solar system, like what is the 6.6kW solar system price? How much power does it generate? And what's the ROI?

In this blog post, we'll dive into the nitty-gritty details of this popular solar setup - from the initial considerations of the 6.6kW solar system with 5kW inverter price to the power it generates, the impressive ROI it offer to tackling how much will a 6.6kW solar system save me for my home in Canberra?

Let's find out!

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What is the 6.6kW Solar System Price?

So, you've decided to become energy independent and install a 6kW solar system or a 6.6kW solar system in your home, or you're just researching which solar system size is right for your home in Canberra, ACT; whatever the case, you'll face a common query - what is the 6.6kW solar system price? 

By no means 6.6kW solar system is cheap, let along 6.6kW solar system with 5kW inverter price, but the long-term benefits the residents avail of post-installation are immaculate. 

The 6.6kW solar system price isn't one-size-fits-all; rather, the cost of the solar system varies depending on a number of factors, such as the quality of the components, warranty period, the complexity of the installation, your location, and the time of the year you buy the system (solar systems tend to be more expensive during peak demand periods). 

Solar System Prices In Major Cities

Solar Price List

The cost of a 6.6kW solar system using quality warranted components that are professionally installed will generally range between $4000 and $8000 after government incentives and rebates have been applied. 

The price may seem excessive, but considering the long-term benefits you'll avail of, like subsiding or covering your energy bills over an extended period of time to passing down the surplus energy generated to a grid system, a 6.6kW solar system is the most cost-effective solar system across Canberra, ACT, and the whole of Australia.

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How Much Does a 6.6kW Solar System Canberra Give Power Output?

If you live around Canberra, ACT, a land that's blessed with sunlight throughout the year, installing a 6.6kW solar system on your property can be of immense value. 

Generally speaking, a north-facing 6.6kW solar system with a 5kW inverter can produce around 24kW to 28kW of electricity a day (approx. 8,500 to 10,500kWh of usable energy per year). That's enough to cover the daily energy needs of a typical household and even leave some extra for those sun-drenched days when there's the peak period of electricity cost during daylight hours or to feed back the excess energy generated into the grid, earning you credits and reducing your electricity bills.

The factors that influence the output of a 6.6kW solar system with 5kW inverter include but aren't limited to:

- Total Number of Sunlight Hours Received

- Shading

- Temperature Extremes

- Solar Panel Orientation

- The Direction of the Solar System is Facing

- Solar System Efficiency Rating

- Geographical Location

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How Many Panels In a 6.6kW Solar System? 

The number of solar panels you require to set up a 6.6kW solar system will vary depending on the make, model and efficiency of the solar, as well as the climate conditions in the specific location.

Here's a brief comparison of how many panels in a 6.6kW solar system are required:

Panel Wattage

Number of Panels Required











As noticed, the higher the individual panel's wattage, the fewer solar panels you'll need.

It's important to note that this is just a general guide. The actual number of panels required for your 6.6kW solar system will depend on a number of factors, such as the efficiency of the panels, the amount of sunlight your roof receives, and the orientation of your roof. 

So, if you're unsure how many solar panels you need for a 6.6kW solar system, it is best to contact a qualified solar installer, like Kratos Energy, a CEC Accredited Solar Energy Company.

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What is the ROI of a 6.6kW Solar System Canberra?

The ROI (Return on Investment) of a 6.6kW solar system in Canberra varies depending on a number of factors, such as the cost of the system, the amount of electricity your household consumes, and the government incentives available, among other factors.

Generally, you can expect to see an ROI of between 20% and 30% on a 6.6kW solar system in Canberra. This means that your solar system will pay for itself within 3 to 5 years. After that, you'll enjoy substantial savings on your electricity bills, potentially up to $2000 annually. 

Plus, you can take advantage of government incentives and feed-in tariffs, making your ROI even more appealing.

Here's a table presenting what'll be your payback period when you choose solar panel 6.6kW installation:

Electricity consumption level (kWh/day)

ROI (%)

Payback period (years)










So, not only will you be reducing your carbon footprint, but you'll also be padding your wallet in the process.

Note - It's important to note that these are just estimates. Your actual ROI may vary depending on some specific factors.

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Is 6.6kW Solar System Suitable for Your Home in Canberra?

Wondering if the 6kW solar system or a 6.6kW solar system is the best suitable option for your Canberra home? The 6kW solar system or a 6.6kW solar system is a popular choice for Australian homeowners and for all good reasons. It's a versatile system that can generate enough electricity to power a typical household. 

But each home is unique, so determining if a certain solar system size would be a suitable fit for your home and energy usage requires a review of your bills, consumption habits, budget and available roof space, among other factors. Here are a few things to consider before choosing solar panels 6.6kW installation:

Your household's energy consumption: The first step is to figure out how much electricity your household uses on a daily basis. You can do this by checking your electricity bills. A 6.6kW solar system can generate around 24kWh to 28kWh electricity per day, so if your average daily energy consumption is less than that, a 6.6kW solar system may be sufficient for your needs. Otherwise, you need to go for a bigger system.

Roof solar

Your roof space: A 6.6kW solar system requires a significant amount of roof space, i.e., around 30-35 square meters of roof space. So, make sure you have enough roof space to accommodate the panels and that your roof is in good condition.

Your shading: If your roof is shaded by trees or other buildings, this will reduce the amount of electricity your solar system can generate. If your roof is heavily shaded, a 6.6kW solar system may not be the best option for you.

Here are a few additional benefits of installing a 6.6kW solar system in Canberra:

Reduced energy bills: A 6.6kW solar system can significantly reduce your energy bills, especially if you've high energy consumption.

Increased property value: The 6.6kW solar system can add value to your home, making it more attractive to potential buyers.

Government rebates: There are a number of government incentives available to help homeowners reduce the cost of solar panels 6.6kW installation in Canberra, ACT.

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In a land of abundant sunshine and environmental consciousness, the 6.6kW solar system stands as a beacon of sustainable living.

In today's guide, we've uncovered the key aspects of selecting the 6kW solar system or the 6.6kW solar system—cost, power output, and ROI—that make it a compelling choice for Australian households.

With an impressive daily output and a solid return on investment, this solar solution not only pays for itself but also paves the way for a greener future. So, as you embark on your solar journey, rest assured that you're not only harnessing the sun's energy but also reaping the benefits for years to come.

If you are considering installing a 6.6kW solar system, it is best to contact a qualified solar installer to get a free quote and assessment. They will be able to assess your specific needs and provide you with the best solution for your home.

At Kratos Energy, the leading CEC Accredited provider of solar systems Canberra, we've worked with numerous clients for their need to install solar panels Canberra in their homes. Whether it's a free consultation and assessment, helping the client select solar battery Canberra for their solar panel system or providing installation and post-installation maintenance and support services, we're the choice of clients from different backgrounds. Connect with the team and be energy-independent!

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