How Much do Solar Panels Cost in Canberra?

How Much do Solar Panels Cost in Canberra?

Welcome again, avid readers and followers of green energy, to today's guide! When it comes to harnessing the prowess of solar energy, the sun-soaked city of Canberra, ACT, is the prime location for it. 

For the past few decades, Canberra has established itself to be among the few places that are great to start with solar panel installation and go green. Today, more and more homeowners are opting to install solar panels Canberra in their homes. But with too many solar panel system providers, manufacturers, and models, it can be overwhelming to find consistent information.

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Given the large amount of information on the internet, we have compiled a comprehensive guide on solar panels Canberra. In today's guide, we'll discuss the factors that affect the cost of solar panels and give you an idea of the average cost of a solar panel system in Canberra. 

So, whether you're looking to reduce your energy bills, be a part of helping the environment, or even become energy-independent, solar panels Canberra are an excellent investment. If you're thinking about going solar in Canberra, read on!

How Can You Benefit from Solar Panels Canberra?

Apart from giving freedom from reliance on fossil fuel, solar panel system presents a number of benefits for you. Here are the benefits you'll avail of when you opt to install solar panels Canberra - 

1). Electricity Bill Reduction

Since all of your energy needs will be met by solar panels Canberra, you will save a lot on your monthly utility bill, reducing your reliance on the grid system for your energy needs. 

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According to MarketWatch, you can save more than $1300 on annual energy bills upon installation of solar panels in your home. Though the amount you'll save annually depends upon a number of factors, including how much electricity is being used, the size of solar panels Canberra, the climate of the area, the solar irradiance your rooftop receives, the efficiency of solar panel, among other factors, one thing is for sure - you'll save a lot with solar system.  

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2). Safer than Other Sources of Energy

When it comes to choosing solar panels Canberra, safety should be at the top of your priority. By adopting a solar rooftop system, you invest in green and renewable energy sources that are more secure than conventional power sources. 

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As solar panels are non-toxic and don't produce any harmful material, they don't pollute air, water, or soil and don't emit any greenhouse gases. 

Also, since solar panels are very safe to operate and maintain, there is no risk of explosions or fires with them, making them a safer alternative to conventional energy sources.

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3). Freedom from Centralised Grid System

Imagine breaking free from the centralised grid-system's constraints and gaining your energy independence. With solar panels Canberra, it's possible! Once you install solar panels in your home, you decrease your reliance on a centralised private or government grid. 

In addition to the financial benefits, installing solar panels Canberra gives you the freedom to live a more sustainable lifestyle. Meaning total energy independence without relying on other entities.

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4). Elevate Your Property's Evaluation

Installing solar panels on your home can drive your home's value. They are seen as an upgrade to the house, making it seem like an attracting selling point for real estate agencies to market your property. 

According to some studies, homes with PV systems are priced at about $4/W or $15,000 more than their neighbours. So, if you've second thoughts regarding installing solar panels Canberra, it is a wise investment that can increase your home's value.

5). Less Maintenance

It's not all about choosing the right solar panels Canberra for your home but also about minimal maintenance. With solar panel system setup, you're not just cutting costs; you're simplifying your life. 

Since the panels are durable in their quality and require little to no maintenance, they are great for investment, though the upfront cost might seem high at first. 

Also, one of the primary benefits of solar panels is that they don't have any moving parts and can withstand harsh weather conditions. They have low maintenance costs and have an average life span of 25 years.

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How Much Do Solar Panels Cost in Canberra?

- Factors that Impact the Solar Panel Cost Canberra

1). Type of Installation

Regardless of whether you choose grid-connected, grid-connected with battery back-up, or stand-alone [off-grid] solar panels Canberra, the critical factor that impacts the solar panel installation cost is whether the rooftop is installed or ground-mounted. 

While the ground-mounted installation covers more area than rooftop installation and can generate more electricity, it is more expensive than the former and sometimes requires more labour and components, making the solar panel cost go higher.

2). Roof Type

The roof type your home has can have a significant impact on the cost of solar panels installation in Canberra. While solar panels can be installed on metal, shingle, and flat roofs, every roof type requires different components and varying levels of labour to install. 

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For instance, a tiled roof has a higher cost of solar panel installation, is more fragile when compared to a metal roof, and requires specialised skills to install solar panels Canberra. 

On the other hand, the metal roof is less expensive, is more durable, and is easier to install when compared to a tiled roof. In general, expect to pay 5-10% more for a solar system on a tiled roof than on a metal roof.

3). Custom Duties

Individual custom duties play a very crucial role in the solar panel cost canberra. It can vary depending on the types of good being imported, the country of origin, and the value of good. Australian government levies a 5% custom duty on imported solar panels. This means that the cost of your solar system in Canberra maybe 5% higher than it would be if solar panels were not subject to customs duties. 

But what's with custom duty? Importing solar panels can be costly as the governments are supporting manufacturers and producers' domestic options to make them more attractive custom duties are taxes that are imposed on imported goods.

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4). Interconnection Cost

Interconnection is the process of connecting your solar panels Canberra to the community power grid. Its cost differs from project to project, depending on how many homeowners in your area are utilising solar panels, your solar system size, and the type of connection you choose. 

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For example, a 5kW solar panel costs will be around $1000 to interconnect to the grid. Though this amount can add to the upfront cost of a solar system, it is essential to remember that solar panels can still be a cost-effective way to reduce your monthly utility bill.

5). Government Rebates and Incentives

When it comes to solar saving, government rebates and incentives are the golden keys to unlocking it. Many city authorities and governments offer various incentives for solar panels Canberra installation, which can significantly reduce the solar panel cost for installation. 

The most significant incentive for solar systems in Australia is the small-scale technology (STCs) scheme. You can sell your STCs to accredited retailers to reduce the cost of solar systems. 

Moreover, other government schemes such as ACT Sustainable Household Scheme and Next Generation Energy Storage Program provide different rebates on a range of energy efficiency upgrades and battery storage systems, respectively. 

The impact of government rebates and incentives on the cost of a solar system in Canberra will vary depending on the size and type of solar panels you choose. However, government rebates and incentives can typically reduce the cost of a solar system by 20-30%.  

  • Average Solar Panel Cost in Canberra

The cost of solar panels Canberra depends on various factors, as discussed above. While the good news is that the average cost of solar panels Canberra has been steadily decreasing in recent years, high-quality solar panels still come at a premium, but they promise greater efficiency and long-term savings. Here's a comparison of solar panel costs in Canberra - 

Average cost of Solar panel

As a general rule of thumb, you can expect to pay around $5000 - $6000 for a 5kW solar system in Canberra. If you're considering installing solar panels Canberra, be sure to compare quotes from multiple installers. So why wait? Start saving money on your utility bills today by installing solar panels on your home. You won't regret it!

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End Note

As we move to the final phase of today's guide, remember solar panels are an excellent investment for homeowners in Canberra, but it is essential to understand the factors that can affect the solar panel cost. 

Understanding the solar panel cost in canberra is a vital step towards sustainable energy independence. If you are considering installing solar panels Canberra, be sure to get quotes from multiple installers and compare prices. With careful planning, you can install solar panels Canberra that are both affordable and effective. 

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