Solar Battery Storage Canberra, ACT: Compare costs & Installers

Solar Battery Storage Canberra, ACT: Compare costs & Installers

As the sun's brilliance graces the landscape of Canberra, ACT, a silent energy revolution is underway. 

With the focus on sustainability and energy independence on the rise, the adoption of solar power systems and solar panel battery storage has become a compelling choice for Canberra, ACT, residents, thanks to the improving economics of solar panel installations. However, the overwhelming options of solar battery storage and related options jeopardize how to select the best solar battery storage with the functionality they need. 

If you're considering options for installing a solar battery Canberra, ACT, this blog post is just for you. Through this blog post, we'll provide you with information on all that you need to know about solar panel battery storage, the cost of installation, calculating the system size you need, and so on.

Before we delve deeper into solar battery Canberra and the best solar panel battery storage installer in Canberra, ACT, let's find out and understand everything about solar battery storage in brief!

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What, Why, and How of Solar Battery Storage?

What is Solar Battery Storage?

Solar battery storage, also referred to as solar panel battery storage, is a smart system that enables the storage of excess energy generated by solar power systems and releases it when needed to ensure a steady and reliable supply of renewable energy.

solar battery storage

The solar panel battery storage typically consists of a battery bank, a charge controller, and an inverter. While the battery bank stores the electricity generated by your solar panels during daylight hours, when many people do not have a need for electricity,  the charge controller regulates the flow of electricity between the solar panels and the battery bank. 

Lastly, the inverter converts the stored electricity from DC to AC so that it can be used to power your home or business when the solar panels Canberra don't generate electricity, like at night, on a cloudy day, or during a power outage.

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Why is Solar Battery Storage in Canberra Important?

When it comes to being energy independent, solar battery storage plays a crucial role in your energy narrative. Solar battery Canberra has an essential part to play in ensuring your homes or businesses can be powered by green energy, even when the conditions aren't favorable. 

Here are some of the reasons why solar panel battery storage is important in Canberra - 

1). Canberra has high electricity prices - Canberra, ACT, has some of exorbitant electricity prices, and opting to install a solar battery storage unit will not only help in reducing monthly utility bills but also help in becoming grid reliance-free.

2). Canberra is prone to power outages - Due to Canberra, ACT's geographical location, the city faces many extreme weather events, such as thunderstorms and bushfires. 

Having solar battery storage allows you to have electricity during such calamities and critical times.

3). Canberra is committed to renewable energy and has ambitious renewable energy targets - Since Canberra, ACT, is resilient to becoming a sustainable city, the state and the federal government are offering favorable rebate incentives and have introduced policies that support the integration of renewable energy into the grid such as solar battery Canberra.

Solar battery storage

In addition to these benefits, solar panel battery storage is also becoming increasingly affordable and accessible. 

With the cost of solar panels Canberra and solar battery storage continuing to fall, solar battery Canberra are now a viable option for many homeowners and businesses.

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How Do You Benefit from Solar Battery Storage?

From reduced monthly utility bills to reduced noise pollution to being a better option for energy generation, here are the top benefits one avail of when they install solar battery Canberra.

1). Energy Independence

As the name suggests, solar battery storage stores excess of electricity generated by the solar power system, which can be utilized during night time, during cloudy weather, or during unforeseen circumstances. 

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While some people might sell the excess of the energy or transfer it back to the grid, having an solar battery storage is a wiser choice. Solar battery storage can turn your off-grid solar power system into an emergency backup during a power outage.

2). Reduce Carbon Footprint

Unlike traditional means of energy generation that cause air, water, and soil pollution or emit a harmful substance that can cause harm to the environment or disrupt the thriving ecosystem, a solar power system equipped with solar battery Canberra is an effective and efficient medium to become self-sufficient and sustainable. 

Solar power systems installed with solar batteries Canberra can minimize reliance on fossil fuels and contribute towards a cleaner and greener planet.

3). Electricity Bill Savings

Since solar power systems utilize the sun's radiance to generate electricity, one has to rely less on the grid system for their energy needs, helping one to save money on their electricity usage bill. One can avoid paying convenience and associated fees to the electricity retailers, create self-sufficiency, and save money in the longer term. 

Solar panel Electricity Bill Savings

While installing solar power systems along with solar battery Canberra can seem to be a costly affair, the long-term benefits and the return on investment (RoI) one avail of are unparalleled.

4). Greater Energy Security

When it comes to being energy-independent, solar battery storage systems allow one to be more resilient. 

Solar panel battery storage systems can help you achieve greater energy security by storing the excess solar energy generated by your solar panels and using it to power your home or business at night, during times of cloud cover, or during power outages. 

So, when the grid system falters or demand peaks, your stored solar power helps you beat the odds and become energy-secured.

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5). Hassle-free and Low Maintenance

When we think of power backup, inverters and generators crosses our mind at first. However, unlike the mentioned power backups, solar power systems equipped with solar panel battery storage are a viable option. How? Read on! Solar battery storage doesn't have any moving parts, so it is less likely to break down. 

Additionally, the systems are typically sealed, so they aren't susceptible to dust and dirt buildup. As a result, they require less maintenance and support. 

Most solar power systems and solar battery storage systems only require an annual inspection and cleaning.

Solar Battery Storage System Price Comparison

Here comes the section we all have been waiting for. To know what is the average cost of solar battery Canberra? 

Solar Battery

Though the solar battery storage system's upfront cost may be relatively expensive, and the payback period a bit longer than for solar panels, it is important to note that the price of end-to-end solar power systems, including solar battery storage, is falling in recent years, and the trend is expected to continue in the coming future.

Embracing solar battery storage is an investment in both energy independence and savings. On average, a residential solar battery Canberra can cost between $8000 to $15,000, depending on the system capacity, brand, warranty period, and the installer, but the actual cost may vary depending on your specific needs and requirements. Below is the average cost of a solar battery storage system - 

Approx. Solar Battery Storage System Cost

Battery Size

Average Cost










If you're considering installing a solar panel battery storage system in your home or business, it is recommended to do your research and get quotes from multiple installers to get value-for-money quotes.

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Best Solar Battery Storage System Installer in Canberra, ACT

In today's world, where there is a dawn of renewable and cleaner energy consumption, the demand for solar battery Canberra is through the roof. 

But with so many options to choose from, where does one start? Enters Kratos Energy, Canberra's premier solar battery storage installer for residential and commercial purposes. 

With an unwavering commitment to excellence and a passion for sustainability, we bring the power of the sun to your doorstep. But why should you choose us as your solar panel battery storage system installer?

Solar Expertise - At Kratos Energy, we have a dedicated team of in-house professionals who have experience and expertise in installation, integrating solar battery storage with existing systems, and related processes. 

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Our bespoke services don't end here. Be it pre-installation free consultation or post-installation maintenance and support, our experts are available for your needs.

License - As an end-to-end solar power system installer in Canberra, ACT, Kratos Energy is a company that has met the high standards established by the peak industry body, the Clean Energy Council (CEC), showing the mark of expertise, quality, and trust.

Transparency - The primary reason clients from Canberra, ACT, choose us as their solar power system installer is because we hold transparency as the beacon of our comprehensive services. 

From itemized quotes, including itemized components by brand and product number, along with labor, we ensure the client and the team are on the same page to ensure that there aren't any gaps in communication, execution, and support thereafter.

So, if you're looking for a solar battery Canberra installer, choose Kratos Energy for reliability, innovation, and a greener tomorrow!

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